Jillian Barnet, DPT, CLT-LANA, ACSM

Jillian Barnet, DPT, CLT-LANA, ACSM

"For 40 years, my focus has been on the body in motion—my own and my clients'— and how to stay pain-free and injury-free while improving the quality and quantity of life through physical activity."


Dr. Jillian Barnet

Jillian Barnet's journey with bodywork began when she was a competitive figure skater at a time when bodywork and cross training were not usual components of an overall training regimen. Without addressing muscle tightness and imbalance, many athletes suffered pain and repeated injury. Later, as a distance runner, she saw the same thing: many friends with pain and injury due to lack of appropriate self-care.

In 2011, Jillian received her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from Chatham University and shortly thereafter her Certified Lymphedema Therapist designation from the Klose School and the Lymphedema Association of North America. Jillian is also a certified athletic trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Her patients have been those with multiple medical issues such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancers, as well as those with orthopedic injuries or muscle strains and sprains. A common thread among these patients has been high levels of stress and discomfort.

No matter the issue faced by the patient, of all the modalities she used, Jillian found the healing touch of massage to be the most profound. Consequently, she attended the Pittsburgh School of Massage Therapy and became a Licensed Massage Therapist. She has now dedicated herself to using  primarily massage techniques, influenced by her background as a doctor of physical therapy, and her life-long interest in physical activity and fitness.

Touch is a sense with unique functions and qualities. ...Touch affects the whole organism.
— Diane Ackerman, "A Natural History of the Senses"