for Swelling after lymph node removal due to cancer

When lymph nodes are damaged by radiation or removed following cancer treatment, many patients experience swelling. Manual lymph drainage massage can route the fluid around the damaged areas, helping to reduce swelling, speed post surgical recovery, control pain, reduce risk of infection, and promote relaxation and improved sleep.


for Swelling after surgery or trauma

After orthopedic surgery, plastic surgery, or injury, patients often experience uncomfortable swelling and bruising. Whether for knee replacement, buttock lift, or sprained ankle, manual lymph drainage massage can reduce swelling, bruising, and pain, and can promote increased range of motion, and reduce the time needed to recover.


For immune system support

Patients looking for occasional preventative immune support, or who are suffering from autoimmune disorders such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, or arthritis can be helped by manual lymph drainage massage. Because it activates the lymphatic system and supports surrounding tissues, it decreases pain, hypersensitivity, and tissue congestion, while encouraging normal range of motion and promoting restful sleep.